Bring Back LSS Now!!!

Why would you take away a playlist? Seriously? You think Landgrab is more fun than LSS??? Landgrab is garbage! Rumble pit is garbage! There is no reason to remove LSS from the List! It wouldn’t have made doubles better! Let the people play! People don’t like LSS cause they suck at it. There are some good players and you took it away. The LSS community is hurt!

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They pulled lss because literally no one was playing. I’m currently unranked because I don’t wanna play the sweaty cesspool that is ranked. Social is as bad as is.

But back to my point, I’m unranked and not even I could find a game. Took me a wasteful hour to even find a game. And even then people just quit and gave me a free win.

The lss community you’re referring to is nonexistent. Maybe very few people like sure do whatever floats your boat but also understand that BR games like lss, Tatanka, etc are inherently non-halo games. So original halo fans don’t play it. Because it’s such an out of place game mode. If you want to play a BR styled game there’s fortnite, call of duty, pub g, totally accurate battle grounds, and so many other games that have followed the trend that is battle royel. Halo infinite and it’s community is not the place for that. Especially with the road the game has gone now. Infinite has already started that trend following mindset. That’s why they lock cosmetics behind paywalls, that’s why there’s battle passes. And look how badly that turned out. The player outrage is massive. And we’re already seeing developers go the other direction than what they initially intended due to how angry the community is.

They claim no one was playing but I think the Ui just can’t handle more playlists than it already has. Think about it, they take one out to add a new one? They took how long after launch to add a simple slayer playlist?

The duct tape and school glue UI can’t handle it.


I think its both the ui can’t handle it and it having the least amount of people playing it

I don’t know why they get rid of any playlists and then force us into others through challenges. I mean is the community really that small in infinite you can’t let ppl choose between a wide variety of games? I’m sure they can find 8 ppl on the server that wants to play it. And LSS doubles with 4 teams does sound pretty interesting especially if you can revive.

LSS is a fun game mode, even with the bugs.

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The UI can’t handle additional game modes. That’s why they pull one to add a new one. My money says the reason new game modes take so long to release is because of how much cleanup the UI coding needs to incorporate them at all.

Think about how long it took them to add the most basic vanilla Halo game mode to infinite. Weeks. Literally weeks for team slayer.

All the silence and delays are due to the UI.