Bring back Lockout!!!

I genuinely loved Lockout, it was my favorite ma for team snipers/slayer. Lockout had so many things that maps in that day of age did not have. It created an atmosphere of pure excitement, from rushing to the sword back smacking the guy who got there first or battling for control of the sniper tower. Overall this map is a major part of what made halo 2 multiplayer great. In honor of halo multiplayer I believe that 343 should bring back this legendary map.

I 100% agree with you

When 343 created Midship (Truth) in Halo 5, they had to make it larger to compensate for sprinting. So if they bring back Lockout, they will have to make it larger. I’m not making excuses for them, but that’s what they have to do. Lockout will always be my favorite map in any Halo game, and it’s a shame they have to make Truth and Regret. Who the hell would pick Midship over Lockout?

I did like Midship, but Lockout was far superior in every way possible.

Yea, I just don’t know why they think it is so great. We see Midship in every Halo now and it’s the only one that keeps returning. I like it, but not enough to justify 343 having two versions of the map in Halo 5. I saw a poll two weeks ago I think that asked players what their favorite map was from Halo 2. Lockout wasn’t the most popular and some people had nasty things to say about it. I’m not sure what these people are on, or if they were just real bad at Halo then. If I find the poll I’ll link it.

Yeah, Lockout would be great. They would have to modify a few things because of the clamber and sprint. But yes please.

LOCKOUT!!! We need it!