Bring Back Infection!!!!

As a fellow Halo 4 player I have to say this game rocks!!! but there is a major downside to this game and that is “flood”. Sure I know most of us out there wished we were able to play as the flood for infection instead of a spartan during the Halo 3 and Reach days and I’m grateful that 343 has done that, but I’m very disappointed that the old custom infection games we all know and love won’t happen anymore.

The reason I say this is because after playing flood it in dawn on me, when you play as the flood you can’t pick up any weapons, you can’t get in vehicles and you only have one weapon which is the energy sword. The old custom infection’s like Fat Boy on lvl 5, Jengi Tower, Ice Cream Man and Duck Hunt wont be possible anymore.

One of my favorite things to do in Halo 3 was to play custom infection’s in a FULL lobby. Not with just 10 players. I ask you 343, please bring back infection or at least an update to where you can pick up weapons and drive vehicles if you play as the flood and increase the number of players from 10 to 16 if possible.

-UCO SecGen