Bring Back Husky Raid only!!!!

Yo, can the devs please please put Husky Raid back as its own playlist? I hate slayer and it feels like it takes forever, there’s no objective other than killing. Usually I just quit out of the game, but that’s unfair to my teammates. Plus I get way more kills in Husky Raid anyways, but then there’s the main objective of capture the flag. Everyone I talk to online says they want just Husky Raid too.

Also don’t think this will happen, but please put back the rule in husky raid where you can’t score unless your flag has been returned. I know it results in more stalemates, but I’d rather tie than lose. It also prolonged the fun of the game when each team had each others flags and it turned into a different game type of return your flag.

My 2 cents, hopefully someone at 343 sees it. If not, they’re just disappointing us.

Hey OP, feel free to leave your thoughts in the existing thread for this