Bring back halo 3 Ranking system

This is how i feel and I’m pretty sure there are tons of people who feel the same. This new ranking system is well to make it short… Terrible. I honestly don’t even feel like i’m playing call of duty. Honestly i thank 343 for keeping halo alive but. With how different it is you’re killing it for long time fans. Bungee had the game perfect the ranking system everything was just amazing. In this game even if i go -20 i still get butt-loads of xp. to me that makes no sense. even when you get to whatever level it is people get to what then? what do you have to show for it.Nothing. Halo 3 made every game competitive and make you try your best to not lose. Because of the 1-50 ranking system. I had a 50 in halo 3 and playing on it i had some of the best games you could have. Every one would try to win work together to keep the 50. Im sure every body who played halo 3 knows that if you lose in ranked you either rank down or make it harder to reach the next skill level. COME ON 343 BRING BACK THE RANKING SYSTEM! That way we have something to show for our hard work not some dumb number that will go up with even us going super negative. LONG LIVE HALO 3 MULTIPLAYER!!!

I would rather watch a cat get aborted than see this argument again. -.-

you were probably not even a level 30 in halo 3

Meh…I never paid too much attention to ranking system. As long as I’m having fun playing the game and I get to see my rank go up over time, its all good to me.

And I’m definitely having fun with Halo 4 (just as I did with Reach and 3) so I’m really all set.

Yes, I would like it back. Not sure why people hate is so much, it gave incentive to win/improve.

id rather go back to a modified halo 2 rank system tbh. Use that for ranked matches but keep the progression player investment system for those who play offline or whatever.

Even a lil kid could be getting past a 30 in halo 4. If we had the halo 3 ranking system then we would actually be playing with people at our skill level instead of getting garbage teammates who only have a ton of XP but -Yoink- skill play

Agreed check out my thread

There is already an invisible true skill that will become visible on January 2013

+300 EXP is not enough incentive to work as a team to try and win a game. It literally changes nothing.

Please 343, add a rank that means something (visible in game of course).

No, not that type, it would not work in Halo 4. Wasn’t that mostly based off w/l? If so, that would be a disaster with the uneven teams,quitters and JIP.

I thought that they’re going to implement a ranking system in december.