Bring back h3 ranking.

Halo 4 . What ranking system will it be? Well I know for a fact that it’s not 1-50 which I understand because of boosting but oh how I loved 1-50. 343 needs to realize that we halo lovers want a competitive ranking system that makes us want to break our Xbox because we lost a game and went down. We need to come together and do something about this or halo 4 will just be another stupid reach. I love halo and I don’t want to return halo 4 back to gamestop on November 7th, halo 3 changed my life so as halo people lets let 343 know we want our old halo back. I’m adding a pole to see how many people want reaches ranking system or something similar to halo 3

It will not return in Halo 4, sorry.