Bring Back Firefight Doubles! =D

Ok, so i’ve been playing a lot of firefight and realize that some of the playlists have recently been updated out to make way for new upcoming ones with the TU. I may be the only one who thinks this possibly :stuck_out_tongue: but I miss having FireFight doubles. There’s a single’s firefight and then there’s regular 4 player firefight, but not doubles and sometimes I just like to play Firefight with just me and my girlfriend or me and another friend who are gamers to get some credits with just the 2 of us and have fun. I don’t really like getting paired with 2 other random people in firefight because most people just go with the rocket launcher class and make it boring and not as fun for everyone else and makes the game very short to top that off. I feel like either having smaller firefight playlists (such as bringing doubles back) or being able to set the amount of people you wanna play with before you go into a firefight playlist would remedy this issue. Then again this is just my opinion lol =P Anyone else who agrees with me =D please post! ^^ hahaha or if you don’t you can too =P idc, i’m just curious as to how many people don’t care for it and how many people want it back. So i’m gonna also leave a poll for people to vote on it. =3 That’s my thought on it. Thanks! =^.^=

Do you think Firefight doubles should be brought back?
. Yes
. No
. Maybe
. I don’t care

I miss Firefight Doubles. And firefight in general. It’s an abomination now. NEP (New Enemy Progression) is the worst. Firefight Limited was fun, but ridiculous with NEP. I miss doubles.

I hear ya, I also forgot to put a poll in here so I just made a poll topic in relation to this topic if you wanna vote ^^ Here’s the link

But yeah :confused: the NEP has kinda gone down hill, so I know what ya mean.

Yes I agree 50000%. Seriously. There were A LOT of people playing Firefight Doubles and with good reason too:

-I don’t want to be stuck with kill-hogs trying to steal kills/ blow my vehicle up for no reason.

-Connectivity. I have a fairly decent connection that never gives me issues in matchmaking or any other game type. The second I play Firefight with 4 people, connection goes down the drain with ultra-lag and the game just becomes frustrating.

-My wife and I play Halo Reach together on a daily basis and its the one mode that we truly enjoy together. No additional teammates means I can focus on covering her while doing my thing and working towards commendations.

Honestly, of all the moves that 343i made with this update, THIS was the one that actually pisses me off. I saw the numbers and there were A LOT of people playing Firefight Doubles. So what was the reason for removing it? For this reason, I will not play firefight unless its challenge related or I’m going solo in score attack, otherwise, due to the issues listed above, I won’t even bother.

I agree with you totally. I actually posted a thread topic just about a half hour ago with the same subject line then I come across this one. Small world. lol.