Bring back fire fight in Halo?

Post dedicated to simply bringing back firefight in Halo 5 etc… I thought it was a natural addition to the game and why it wasn’t there on top of spartan ops I don’t know why. It could have been vastly improved in Halo 4 instead there is spartan ops, and I can’t even play 5 minutes of it…“is it campaign?, is it multiplayer?, is it canon? what is it? lol idk” I really don’t mind it but it must have been a deliberate motivation for them to remove ff since I don’t see it being overly difficult to fit the “mode” on the disc, or install.

This may be perceived as a rant or hate in the gaming world, but the truth is I’m not super invested just a big fan of firefight :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Shouldn’t all aspects of the story be contained within the campaign and than have it be playable in a bevy of fun ways with friends, rather than Besides the campaign have a “thing, with things…with friends and some intro scenes.” My description of spartan ops, since it isn’t a campaign…it isn’t wave combat, it isn’t “pvp”… what is it? I enjoy customisable combat simulators like firefight because It’s quite versatile, and Imo an Asset mode that would do more for the game if it had been kept and improved with spops being tacked on, as its only some measure of beta-like narrative mode…with xp. A better name for the mode would be “Special xp Playtime For People who want xp”

Maybe I’m alone and should join popular opinion, in which case what do you think of Halo 5 having 3 separate campaigns? with a campaign between each of them so you can play them online with friends! I cant wait to see more general soldiers perform general combat in general war, I guess its neat seeing your spartan get involved like in Reach but tbh id rather Halo 5 have all modes thus far in the series.

Why it wasn’t there ? So when they release Halo 5 they can call it a “new feature”

> Why it wasn’t there ? So when they release Halo 5 they can call it a “new feature”

Wow you hate 343 don’t you.

OT, I would love to see it come back.

to me sparten ops is a mini campaign, with the enemie spwning in the exact same position game after game. Good for XP if you need it, but boring after 4 playthroughs.

Firefight MM’ing and Custom is an all out battle with one objective. The ememie count may be the same game to game , but for each wave would randomly spawn/drop in different stregnths and positions. Good for muliple playthroughs.

so yes would Love to see it back

I really hope so, it was a blast, I’m 21 so maybe I’m getting too old for video games as I’m beginning to dislike the developments in nearly all big name franchises from devs, Ubisoft comes to mind.
Star Wars: Attack of the Sequels should be good though. so ill get battlefront 3 if it happens.

Personally, I love both Firefight and SpOps, and i really want to see both of them appear in Halo 5. However, it all depends on 343’s decision for the next title.

BTW, i believe we have a thread discussing Halo 5 and Firefight. Refer to this: Halo 5 Bring Back Firefight

I’d love to see it come back under one condition…

We get ODST Firefight not the terrible “I’m going to camp with a sniper for 15 minutes shooting weak little grunts and one shot elites Firefight.” In Halo reach.

I really don’t get how people enjoyed reach Firefight so much when that’s all it was unless you had friends.

But I hope to god they leave SpartanOps in or I think that’s me out as I’m not a huge fan of the Multiplayer side. (All Halo games not just 4)

> Why it wasn’t there ? So when they release Halo 5 they can call it a “new feature”

HAHAHA sounds like an EA tactic, think of their sports line up.

Here’s my speculation of what happened. 343i saw that FF Arcade in Reach was the most popular FF variant by looking at the population numbers, and then decided to make a FF Arcade with a story and call it Spartan Ops. What they didn’t realize was that the only reason people grinded FF Arcade, was because they were just using it to farm credits to rank up. What 343i ended up doing was removing Halo’s only survival mode, which was very challenging, fun, and gives any game with a challenging survival mode some much needed replay value.

Spartan Ops in theory is very good, the idea of continuing the campaign and making it feel very current is very good if done correctly… sadly it wasn’t. And unfortunately it lacks longevity, Spartan Ops didn’t feel like it was factored into the creation of the game properly. What would have been better than what we got, is a Spartan Ops that focuses on the events after Master Chief’s disappearance, explaining everything to those that felt lost or didn’t understand much. Basically a Halo Spartan assault, but obviously in the form of Spartan Ops. Imagine how good that would have been. But I guess that is just my opinion. Firefight was good, there was no need to remove it, Spartan Ops alongside it would have been good, if there was more time spent on its intricate development.