Bring Back events as tenrai fracture And Tenrai Entrenched. As well as Armor pieces that were released and available only in cash store

I definately think it would be a good idea if you brought back Previously played events As well as armor pieces that were only available in the cash shop rather then leave them valauted It isnt exactly fair to the community that they cant obtain vaulted pieces of armor Due to the fact that they missed the event or stopped playing for a while either due to Real Life eect. It makes it feel as if we are punished simply not by playing the game 24/7 as well as misses the mark and the point on customization in Halo Infinite


I’d be surprised if they NEVER brought it back, but it’ll probably be a while before you see it again.

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Aye most likely but we will see if they listen i will remain positive about such a request but i wont hold out hope Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

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I believe they have already mentioned that Tenrai would be returning next year/season. Was like some one or two sentences in a Fracture post between yoroi’s final weeks and the start of season 2’s fracture.

If they dont have a whole new fracture in season 3, id bet they’d just make the Fracture passes available like the free 30 tier pass they are testing out in November.

Sounds good man thank you for the info

I would honestly enjoy that more than the timed grind with “Special Challenges” as the only way to gain progress.

I imagine they’ll come back but next time they’ll have 60 tiers - the original 30, and 30 new ones. If you missed it, you can catch up. The time after that is 90 - 60 old and 30 new. Next time it’s…

I don’t see them coming back until Season 5 though. I feel like they want to give us two more first.

I don’t think they will bring back store armor as free items in an event, EVER. But the idea of bringing back past event armor is cool.

As for how fair it is to have missed out on some stuff, i personally would not mind if they never came back either. Outside of real life reasons, this game is so broken that there is little to no reason to comeback to it.

Having modern games that can rain customisation rewards over and over within a few hours. Infinite in comparison is such an utter slog on top of a backward shop and ‘vaulted’ system. I just can’t understand what they were thinking…
I’m still excited for helmet cross core switching that was promised months ago…Hope forge and co-op campaign pays off.

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The tenrai event almost ended when I started playing Infinite. So I got only a few rewards and Yoroi Armor. I personally very happy to see they bring this event back.

Yeah I totally agree. At least to me having everything kept behind a vaulted wall doesn’t have any positives for the players. The only reason I can see is for fomo but in it’s most extreme form, not a fan. I doubt anyone is and like you say, 343 are the biggest ones missing out on all those credit’s. Not a fan of them either but that’s modern f2p gaming for you.

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Both my son and I missed the Samurai armor, the Neon Mohawk, and the Perfect Circle since we didn’t even realize how the events and store worked until the items had passed. With Season 3 being delayed until March, please bring them back and give us another shot at getting them. If not then, sometime - PLEASE! Thanks!

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I would also love to see the store items for this armor set come through. If they are going to repeat items in the store they should repeat last season items after they have already repeated the current season armor sets. There’s plenty of time and some of us missed out.

Events will most definitely be making returns every so often.
After all, the items are “Vaulted” and not “No Longer Available”.

Not to mention they have a lot of content from events and out of events that didn’t make it into the passes or rotations of shop for some reason or another.
That is content that 343 wants to SELL at some point.
So it makes sense that Tenrai would probably re-release the event in, like, maybe a year or two.