Bring Back Doubles and FFA

I truly don’t understand why they tamper with playlists the way they do. Why cant there be a permanent option for 4v4, 2v2 and FFA for social and ranked. I can’t stand only being limited to mainly 4v4 playlists. I miss being able to just listen too music and chill out playing FFA or getting sweaty in ranked doubles with a friend of mine. Now instead we are forced to go into 4v4 playlists and watch someone on our team quit or disconnect halfway through the game about 50% of the time. If the playlist had a low population I don’t see why you have to punish the people that did play it.


Bring back Last Spartan Standing!

Agreed, 343 meddling with core playlists is why I stopped playing.
Team Slayer
Team Objective
FFA (6 players, not 8)

We need Social and ranked versions of all of the above. That’s the bare minimum that needs to be in the game permanently, they can play around with adding other rotational playlists after we get the core matchmaking experience back.

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Playlists shouldn’t really be removed, we should be able to search multiple hoppers at once.