Bring back Commendations

This has been mentioned several times, but I really feel that Infinite is missing a rewarding system that gives players something to strive towards and show off achievements. A very in- depth rewarding Commendation system will bring an element that is currently missing from Infinite and all 343 needs to do is build of the past Commendation systems.

What I would like to see for a Commendation system is a XP/rank system with an enormous amount of tiered Commendations to chase. Each level that is achieved can reward rank emblems that can be customized and equipped to your Spartan to show off your rank along with some nameplates and skins. Completing a Commendation to the mid and final tier should reward very rare and unique armor that can only be obtained for completing the Commendation associated with that reward. The amount of potential Commendations is limitless and allow players a supplemental way to earn unique unlocks and a way to show off their Commendation rank and achievements, by equipping rank rewards.
The system can also have the same system as the MCC, so that the rank can be reset and you can continue to chase higher tier Commendations as the requirements and rewards increase with each rank up.

343 really should reconsider adding in a very in-depth and complete Commendation system because Infinite needs more for players to strive towards other than a Battlepass.


This is an excellent idea!

I remember how hyped I was when I finished all commendations in Halo 4.


It’s missing everything.

If everyone out their bias aside and look at Halo 5. It has a MASSIVE list of updates. There are A LOT of features in there. It’s ganna take us at least a good two to four years to come even close to where we are in halo 5. Idk why they didn’t just release Halo 5 in full on PC and then expand on it. Starting over makes no sense. We had custom games browser already. We had assinaitions. We had options already. Why everyone is happy with a bare game is beyond me


Much thanks! A very large portion of the Infinite experience is rudimentary and not what was expected or what the community wanted. Hopefully 343 can add in a Commendation system.

I loved the Halo 4 Commendation system!