Bring back Co-Op campaign matchmaking

Please please please bring back co-op campaign matchmaking, classic Halo Reach servers are getting taken down anyways but it’s the only thing that still has that mode. I miss searching Co-Op campaign multiplayer and just relaxing playing legendary campaign on random missions, it was sooooo awesome. I miss the trolls in it and the ones that would stick through till the end of the mission.

I have been asking for this for a long while now, but Campaign Matchmaking cannot be in for just Halo Reach only, it has to go collection wide now for this feature to be brought back into Halo in the MCC. Its got to be in CEA, 2A, 3, ODST and 4 also (and Spartan Ops as well). Another thing that needs to also happen is upgrading Halo CEA and 2A to support 3-4 player coop in the MCC so it can work with the other halos in the same menu in the Match Composer Screen (which I imagine this mode is where it will go). At the moment both games only support maximum of 2 players. But before all of that can happen, dedicated server support needs to be introduced in the MCC for the Campaigns/Spartan Ops as well to overcome the laggy peer to peer networking model we still have. And lastly Crossplay between Xbox and PC then can finally happen as well.

It’d be a welcome addition… If online CO-OP wasn’t the colossal crap shoot that it is. Between disconnecting midgame, and terrible lag that makes the game borderline unplayable? It’s not worth it at this time and will only induce headaches.