Bring back close range weapons

They need to bring back the old shotty or at least add something more powerful close range. Or stop listening so much to the pro’s and nerfing everything with a fast ttk at close range. Part of the halo skill set is being able to deal with those powerful weapons being on the map. Every halo from the start has had weapons on the map that can one shot at close range. Listening to pro players is a good thing. But it’s shouldn’t be the final word if the changes aren’t true to halo… plus your alienating an entire play style.


Sword and hammer dont count?


Bring Back the SMG, it was my favourite gun to use as a quick up close finisher


The usual argument is that you need the Shotty to counter the sword / hammer.

Which I find useful - until the other team ends up with both.

And while I was probably with you 12 months ago - I’ve learned to love the Bulldog. It’s a much better weapon than the classic shotty.

Although we will probably want the old one back for Infection. And our weekly custom’s end-game of shotguns on Beaver Creek!


I consider those power weapons. There’s always been kinda medium power weapons that one shot. Shotgun I don’t consider power weapon really. Boltshot. Not power. They had mangler + melee which I thought was fair because it’s 2 shot kinda. Heatwave should be one shot at close enough range too. It’s not my personal play style. But that kinda thing has always been in halo

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I’m just saying I got people I play with that we’re just unreal at baiting people and just picking apart teams up close. They’ve gone back to MCC or quit. That play style has been nerfed into oblivion because pro’s cry because it’s not headshot weapons and that’s somehow the only valid way to kill.


Bulldog is ok. Range is bananas. But try baiting in 2-3 people into a small room and killin them all with the bulldog. Good luck


bring back ze flammenwerfer


I miss a social team slayer game mode, with different weapon types, not just BR.
BR is for me more like a tactical slayer and gets boring after a few matches.


They should make it that I only spawn in with the Scarab gun!

I really just want the Shotgun back honestly as a Power Weapon, but still keep the current shotgun as I like it as well.

I don’t know, it kinda feels like up close combat is in a good place in Infinte. The Heatwave is a blast to use, and though I personally can’t stand the thing, I know a couple of people who really love the Bulldog. The classic shotty is obviously something that flat out HAS to comeback eventually, but for what it is were not in a bad place.

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Close range combat would be in a good place if we have the shotgun from Halo CE it was the best out of all the shotguns because that one did the most damage than any of the others could hold 12 rounds before you need to reload it and have 60 extra the Bulldog is pathetic

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Probably my favorite thing to read on this forum. It truly is a better weapon in almost every imaginable way.

lol I can do that.

No it is not It sucks balls

What’s interesting about the Classic Shotgun is while yes it is capable of a one shot kill at very close range, outside of that its a 2 shot kill and being pump action a 2 shot kill is not very fast. To say the M45 Shotgun is too powerful because it is capable of a one shot kill is just misleading considering that one shot kill is usually within melee ranges.

M45 Shotgun > CQS48 Bulldog at VERY CLOSE range.
M45 Shotgun < CQS48 Bulldog outside one shot range.

It’s a cool dynamic that makes the M45 much more unique than the Bulldog in my opinion, especially when we already have the Heatwave which is super similar to the Bulldog.

The M45 just has way more functionality as a weapon that can balance the scale against the Energy Sword, while the Bulldog is just redundant with the Heatwave IMO.

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Not only is it a good weapon against an enemy with an energy sword it’s also good for killing flood if they ever do return to the game I hope the classic shotgun from Halo CE with its damage amount of amount of ammo it could hold and the amount of extra you could carry for it return as well I would hate to have to go through a level like the library with the Bulldog

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Takes me back to halo 2 classic, bxr and bxb in a tight room you could take 2 people down no prob. The shotgun was also something to be feared in that game, such a great balance. Good points.

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No, then close range would A: cease to be close range and move more toward mid range, and B: be way too overpowered.

See, I’d like to maybe see a compromise where the Bulldog does 95% damage to a full health spartan. This way the gun an 1-shot a slightly weakened enemy, but it will still need to 2 shots for full health spartans. Also, it would cut down on chip damage that forces the gun into 3-shots more often.

The S2 Mangler follows this concept. The made it so the Bodyshot → Melee combo would no longer kill. However, it leaves your enemy with so little health a Pancake or even a Fastball could kill them.

Tell me how it sucks and I’ll tell you what you’re doing wrong.