Bring back Classic Forge controls!

RB is select?

If anyone chooses that the current controls should be removed they are incompetent of learning.
The new controls are great for the new things you can do, and are actually very easy.
People have such little patience.

I voted for the classic controls to be an option.

It’s much better now.

If you sit down with it for a few days, you will learn. These controls are here to say. It’s for the better.

The problem is, with all of these new added options and tools, the old controls would be incompatible with the new Forge. Besides, the new controls are fine; it just takes a bit getting used to.

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> RB is select?

RB as select makes perfect sense when you think about it.

holding select allows you to quickly select multiple items just by putting your cursor on them. If select was on a face button, how would you hold select while using your joystick to move your cursor?

the new controls take some getting used to, but they allow for easier forging once you commit to letting go of the past.

If you vote for classic to be an option then you probably won’t be able to easily perform most of the new features without it requiring more effort.

I would like the old ones as an option just so all the people won’t complain. The new controls are better you just have to learn them.

The new controls I found easy to learn. That said, an option to have the older controls wouldn’t be bad

How about this? Make A go up and B go down because WHY IS B UP AND A DOWN?

It really doesn’t take that long to get used to the new controls. They are very much functional and work with all the new features


The new forge controls could be masterd in time but however it still will take you longer to do stuff …
I think classic controls should be and an option.
That way everybody’s happy. Forge is already time consuming but halo 5 forge is far to slow …
I can forge way more quickly on halo reach maybe that’s just me… halo 2 anniversary was good as well very fast quick snaps no problem. The new forge has far more potential then eny other forge I’ve seen but for me … the slow gameplay
.making something harder that was already fine I never heard eny body complain about the controls before did you? (Think) …
So 343 if you must please give us classic controls for forge and stop upsetting the halo community .

I do not like the new controls it feels too awkward it’s easy to learn but just doesn’t feel right doesn’t feel like forge

I prefer the new layout, its much more quicker and easier to use once you get going.

Controls are fine. It took me a while to get used to but they are great once you know them.

But I only did some forging in Reach and even lesser in H3. I understand it’s a bit frustrating if you forged 100+ maps with the classic forge controls.

The new controls are exactly that, new.
Either you can spend some time to re-learn or you can complain.
Ultimately i think the controls are more responsive and accurate, after you have retrained your muscle memory.

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> How about this? Make A go up and B go down because WHY IS B UP AND A DOWN?

B is above A on the controller. Naturally, people will assume the higher of two buttons will cause them to go up.

Swapping a and b as well as x and y would help for me.

After learning the controls, these are how it should have been all along…I can tell alot of thought went into these new controls and there is a reason behind every button or option. Just spend some time, be patient.

The new controls are so much more efficient and they are really well put together. The Forge team did an amazing job and they truly have made the best Forge yet.