Bring back Campaign Match Making

It would be nice to have this feature again

Maybe I’m ignorant but did we ever have this?

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Had campaign matchmaking for Reach for a little while. Sort of buggy but bandwidth was harder to come by back in 2010-2011 when it released.

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I never knew that, i have never really wanted to play campaign with randoms so i have never really wanted campaign matchmaking.


It wasn’t great. Even firefight back the had a lot of issues unless you had a unicorn connection.

I think the need to co-op with campaign could be solved through LFG.

Matchmaking might make sense for a PvE scenario like firefight or warzone.

One of the main reasons 343 cited for its exclusion from future titles is the rampant griefing that happened in campaign matchmaking. Given how the coop works it wouldn’t be hard for a couple of players to prevent progress by not moving from a location preventing the other players from being able to leave the 1000m radius.

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I can’t think of a way to do this without rampant frustrations with grieving/playstyles/priorities. Probably best to stick with the xbox looking for group feature or discord.

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Yes, it was released shortly after Reach’s launch.

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Destiny is not as popular as it was, mainly because of business decisions, but that’s neither here nor there. Destiny has matchmaking for strikes, and I have never had a bad experience, and completing bounties never gets in the way of completing the main mission objective.

Halo Infinite needs Campaign and Co-op matchmaking for people that want it as an option. Going onto a third-party site and arranging a time to play some Campaign and Co-op is not feasible for everyone.

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Xbox has a LFG feature via clubs.

Destiny’s strikes are more linear and isolated from the open world. Halo hasn’t had anything similar since halo 4’s spartan ops, I think. Halo infinite’s campaign is very open so it’d have to have very specific scenarios to do instead of the campaign as-is.

I don’t think they’re capable even if they wanted to. This game is coded so janky that local co-op isn’t even an option yet… online co-op is still a BETA after 8 years of development time l. It’s just a shame they don’t have any other games with co-op that they could use a model to build off of OH WAIT!

That’s not completely correct, when starting a strike you will first get loaded into the PVE Open World, and there will usually be other random players in the open world that have nothing to do with the strike mission. If I choose, I can roam around in the Open World doing bounties or what ever until I choose to head into the strike.

Destiny has a shared open world MMO-type feel, Halo Infinite does not. Just like with WoW dungeons and Destiny strikes, once you’re in the strike it is its own repeatable linear experience.

Campaign would have to have similar linear segments or missions. For example, defeat some bounty kill on legendary in less than 5 mins or reuse parts of the open world campaign but focus the match made session on particular tasks.

When I first heard Halo was going to have a PVE Open World, I was so hoping it was going to be similar to Destiny, but because they were building it from the ground up, and there were other decent examples out there, the Halo Open World would be unique … It’s unique all right, in a bad way, a tremendous let-down.

Even though I knew 343 was a mediocre game developer, I let my expectations cloud my skepticism, I mean they had years to hire competent people, craft a compelling story, beautiful cinematic cut scenes, Co-op PVE with matchmaking, develop the game into a work of art, only not one aspect of that happened, the game is nothing more than a cash grab, that’s it.

343 is now officially a ranking member of the worst game developer club, Microsoft I am sure is trying to figure out what to do with them and still save face.