I generally love Big Team Matches BUT alot of what is offered is one sided. There should be maps with lots of vehicles like in Halo Reach. The ones like Vortex or Exile depending on the team you are put on. You get One tank or Wraith, the other get a laser gus warthog or rocket warthog…guess what this lead too? That’s right team mate betrayals…I would think this to be an obvious decision to keep an entire team happy, and play as a team as 343 enticed us into believing when the propaganda for the game was coming forth. The game’s match making was sold to the public as “You will have to play as a team” not with ONLY 2 choice vehicles.

Besides the chaos that ensues from BIG TEAM HEAVIES is just a much more fun platform to play on.

Anyone else want to see Big Team Heavies come back?

BTB heavies will only reward the Plasma Pistol/Stickies Combo

fix that, then see where its should take us

No, hell no. In Halo 4? BTB is already heavies with everyone getting SL’s, Fuel Rods, and IC’s in their OD’s. That’s all heavies was back in the day anyway.