Bring Back Big Team Battle Objective!

Halo matchmaking is not Halo matchmaking without Big Team Battle Objective …

I miss the 8 vs 8 flag and assault games!
I miss the days of waterworks, sandtrap and headlong!

The only reason no one liked it on Reach was because 90% of the maps were crappy forge variants.

If they’re going to bring it back I’d like them to do it at a separate playlist.

BTB in Reach was virtually ruined by 8 man inheritor teams, forcing the vote to objective simply so they could spawn kill and pad their stats.

Maybe some of us enjoy slayer, but we want to be able to do that 8v8?

BTB Slayer
BTB Objective

Everybody gets what they want.
I get to enjoy BTB slayer without BK inheritors padding stats so they can lie to themselves and pretend they’re good, and you get to play BTB objective