bring back betrayals in living dead Version 2

Bring back betrayals in living dead playlist. While I don’t enjoy getting killed by other non infected I don’t think friendly fire should be turned off as I team killing in living dead to get the players who get into incredibly cheap spots ruining the game, and for those people who get in the way of the infected to help their friends. With out the ability to betray people in Living dead it’s a worthless playlist to me now.

And to those who will say they will remove the cheap spots quickly … no they wont their was a cheap spot on Sword base were you used the blue gravity lift to get into an incredibly cheap spot and it was their for well over 4 months.

The ability to betray people in lving dead was defiantly abused but not to a degree where it should be removed.

Please put betrayals back into living dead.

Also I am pobably not going to get Halo 4 and may get ride of my Halo:Reach as this ruined my favorite playlist and I see no reason to get the new game if their going to just make the game “safe” so you never can betrayed by your teammates like in other first person shotters.

Your previous thread worked fine?

And, like I said there, Living Dead is better without needless TK’ing.

I could go multiple games without people using the Sword Base spots, as for betrayals, I was betrayed EVERY game, without fail.

All polls belong in the polling booth by the way.


Friendly fire off.

Did you just make two threads, with the same subject, in the space of 20 minutes? What is the actual point?

Copy/Pasted from your other duplicate thread:

With regards to TK’ing in other game modes, the Betrayal system is fine. In Grifball, the amount of accidental betrayals outweighs the deliberate ones. In regular MM, if somebody betrayed me for the Sniper, then sure, I will get them back, with the process continuing until one of us is booted.

In Living Dead, people abused betrayals more than in any other playlist, simply because they couldn’t get reprimanded. In Grifball, since the game usually runs very quickly when one player is not paying attention, you don’t seem to notice it as much.

Living Dead is far better without TK’ing. In Living Dead, i’m afraid that if I look at someone funny they will betray me, now, this isn’t a problem. If you so vehemently want TK’ing back in Living Dead, then maybe you are playing it for the wrong reasons.

Please refrain from creating duplicate topics. Thank you in advance.