Bring back Assassinations?

It would be awesome if we could get assassinations in Halo Infinite. Probably one of the only things I was disappointed to discover in the multiplayer and campaign was the lack of assassinations.


I’m fine without them, they were neat while they lasted but not having them here is no big loss.

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I always saw them as an added note of satisfaction when you were able to sneak up behind someone, and especially enjoyed assassinating snipers.


I personally found them to be a bit frustrating. Since you couldn’t cancel the assassination and could be killed while performing them.

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I am so very confused by the changing of the terms.

Technically assassinations are still in the game. Except they are now called something so stupid, Back Slap.

Who is the moron that called it back slap? I seriously cannot understand that part. Go back to calling it assassination and giving us the Ninja medal.

If I remember correctly, wouldn’t the announce say “assassination”?

Secondly, the animated assassinations are executions. It’s is disappointing they are not in the game. Everything that is “being added at a later date” should be standard with the launch of the game. Especially since those things have already been part of the series for years now.

Personally, I do not mind either way if they are in the game or not. They sure were fun but didn’t seem like they added anything to take the risk.


Assassinations are really cool, I’d like to see them in halo infinite.


Yass, really wanting them back in any way possible.

I really YOINKS again.

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I really think they intended to have assassinations be a separate thing entirely from back smacks in terms of medals which is why they named it what they did… however due to certain cuts they weren’t able to roll this feature out. I can’t imagine with the desync issues we’re having how locked animation sequences such as those would turn out…

Anywho I’m no game dev, only software dev so my guess is that next level of work wasn’t up to snuff to be shipped. Can easily bundle it with a future expansion to the yorai or new armor core promotion type of thing.

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Ninjaing someone is a different thing entirely than assassinations or back slaps

To qoute Tom French at 343

“One of the things we really wanted to do is take a step back and ask how do these FIT into Halo infinite gameplay loops”

So hopefully they’ll think of a way to make them work and be more beneficial for gameplay. One of the main reasons people turned them off was because it gave them a gameplay disadvantage making them exposed. I can see why being out in the open and trying to assassinate someone and your getting fired at and would easily die after preforming an assassination. I’ve been there and had it happen to me a lot during Reach. I always like assassinations and would always try to get them and I had no problem doing them and then getting a second kill after and staying alive, but that just me.

Saw some topics and videos online on how they could make assassinations more beneficial for players. Only one made sense to me and would be the best balance trade off, fun risk reward gameplay.

When you assassinate someone you syphon the enemy’s shields to boost your’s. It wouldn’t work as a full on overshileds since that’s a power ability already in the map so maybe the most you can syphon is about half of your shields would be boosted.

The other ideas people had aren’t really that good and make no sense to me because I can’t see them being balanced well at all.
After assassinations you could have…
Speed boost!
Damage boost!
Dexterity increase!
Even though these options seem fun they are not balanced well and they don’t get rid of the main problem of being fired at while preforming an assassination. They do have that risk reward gameplay strategy but what I feel like it would be in an unfair way.

I think the shileds syphon would work well. It has that risk reward and kinda sloves the problem of being fired at that you get the shield boost only after completing the assassination not during. This is so people can still be able to kill you while you are in the animation so they can get the showstopper medal. More than likely on how fast assassinations are you would more then likely kill the enemy then have a shield boost and then have an advantage.

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One thing I want to throw into this thread is the value of assassinations in campaign. Regardless of any issues people have with them in multiplayer, they were an amazing addition in the Halo: Reach campaign. I wish that the flow and feel of the campaign were prioritized more, rather than fully cutting content because some people find it a disadvantage in MP.

Same goes for the many weapons that are cut for “redundancy” (the DMR,) in the MP sandbox.


Is it now or was it changed?

Before any instant kill by meleeing in the back was an assassination with the Ninja Medal. Then in newer games if you held the button down it gave you a animation and started calling them assassinations. Other games gave the ninja medal for beat downs.

Back slap is new to Infinite and is a dumb name.

Single tap melee to the back = Assassinations
Melee hold to the back = Execution

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Just bring them back and then give players the option to turn them off like in H5. They’re fun in social and customs and competitive wouldn’t be affected if you just disabled them in competitive game modes. Even if you didn’t want them in social you could still have the option to turn them off.

I haven’t heard anyone say they’re against bringing them back but a lot of people I’ve been playing with and talking to lately have said they wish they’d bring them back.

And if 343 does bring them back I hope to god there’s a preview for the animation because they didn’t put that in H5. Choosing an assassination without knowing what it looks like before a match was super tedious when trying different ones out

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Turning them off in settings, or just not holding the button is a better option than removing them. I hope they come back someday.

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They were supposed to return down the line, but then all the delays and extensions of the roadmaps happened. Then stuff that was guaranteed to return after launch was scrapped (local co-op). I wouldn’t be surprised if 343 either quietly ignore their promise to bring ‘em back or just flat out announce the scrapping of them altogether.

I loved them the first time I stumbled across em in 2010 in Reach, I want them to return in infinite. Will it actually happen is another story and I doubt it’ll happen the way 343 treats the IP at this point.

(Don’t forget… if they return, I bet they’ll sell every different one for $10, so do we really want them back if they’re paywall only?)