Bring Back 1-50 ranked system! 1-50 > CSR

Who else misses the 1-50 ranked system? Today 343 had a updated and started out by saying, “Ranked multiplayer has been a cornerstone of the online Halo experience since way back in 2004 when Halo 2 released”. Well funny thing is I have been playing Halo since the beginning of time. Halo 2 was beginning of ranked multiplayer and even competitive gaming when it was MLG. Well what made Halo 2 so great and made me come back to it every damn day?.. It was the 1-50 ranked system. The grind to rank up was brutal but so rewarding/satisfying. The best feeling was after 3 rank ups your rank would change in number, color and direction.( When your rank bar was almost full and you were one game away to that next level… that made my heart pound and the satisfaction of victory and showing off that rank was so satisfying! Why not return to a 1-50 ranked system and give the players what they want!!! I see everywhere I go twitter, instagram, reddit, forms etc. and everyone is talking about wanted the 1-50 rank system returned. Also, let us show off our rank to our opponents in the load up screen before a ranked match begins. Everyone wants to know who they are up against and it feels good to show off your rank/ achievement. Remember in Halo 2 when your loading into a game and you can see if the team your playing is higher ranked then you (heart begins to pound while you load in). So what is the hold up 343? Halo? Please give the players what they want and I guarantee you that you will have a larger community and the fans will come roaring back to what made Halo multiplayer so great… 1-50 ranked system!


I agree, they need to bring back the 1 to 50 ranks because it was a pretty basic and visible system that you could work on.

The currently system of a hidden MMR that takes priority over the visible CSR is stupid and completely broken which has been demonstrated from the fact you can alter it in Bot Bootcamp and also throw games intentionally in social to get easier ranked matches.

The old 1 to 50 wasn’t anywhere near perfect, but it’s miles and miles better than whatever system 343 claims is powering Infinite so well.


1-50 had too many issues and took far too long to get to your rank if you were a 50 calibre player meaning you’d be pubstomping the whole way up.

I prefer the new system. I can play with Onyx players straight away.

The issue back then was the cheaters would Standby and Mod in ranked matches. Take that away and 50 was achievable. I made it to 45 but at those higher levels cheaters were inevitable. I bet a majority of players that have been in Halo prefer 1-50 over CSR.

What were the issues? I’m genuinely curious to know what was wrong with it.

According to MintBlitz:

"For those asking for a 1-50 ranked system and why it won’t return in Halo Infinite.

343s current system can detect smurf accounts and place them against onyx players within one game even if they place bronze.

Going back to 1-50 means they can keep making new accounts at lvl 1"

“That’s the main reason why things changed, I’m surprised this wasn’t included in the blog post.”

My Opinion:
Microsoft is buying Activision/ Blizzard so just intergrade CODs anti-cheat system in Halo Infinite and bring back 1-50 ranked system. I mean to be honest Halo 2 and 3 wasn’t even that bad with smurf accounts and I still enjoyed them much more because of the 1-50 rank system. I’m sure in this day and age they can figure out a way to implement 1-50 rank system.

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LMAO literally the opposite is true. There’s more fake accounts than ever because of csr and it’s worse because the ranks keep resetting with no party matching feature.

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Why don’t they just make the MMR visible and assign ranks to that every few hundred points? They probably addressed that in the blog but I can’t remember now.

I don’t see the point of two separate systems, it just adds to confusion.

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MMR fluctuates a lot and can go up on a loss and down on a win. It also decays over time and can be affected by other playlists.

So essentially this would make wins and losses less impactful and encourage less team focused behaviours than it already does. Some people will already focus only on kills thinking that will help their rank. Maybe it does, but who cares if you lose games you could have won? That’s how I personally feel.

Id love the old 1-50 hs it worked so much better, but aslong as they sorted the issues of halo 3 where you got stuck at certain ranks as it bugged

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I would like an evolution of both. 1-50/bronze to Onyx. Basically the same thing.

H2 was a bland 1-50
H3 was better with the different ranks captain/major etc
Reach/H5/Infinite - bronze to Onyx - interesting but having just 1-6 between each rank was a little unimaginative.

I watched a video the other day where it said Diamond 3 in H5 was roughly about 50 in H3. I’m not sure if that’s the same as Infinite. But if it is; I look upon what we have in Infinite and it feels slightly more appealing. Maybe because if I think if I get to 50 by getting to Diamond 3 it feels more satisfying.

Now I just need somebody to say the above isn’t right and I can feel like I did in H3 with my 47 :joy:

I think If there was a separate progression system similar to other games the emphasis on ranked would be subdued and feel more rewarding when you do move up.

At the moment CSR is the only thing in the game to progress - which is awful for longevity and a sustainable population

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Yes a hybrid version of 1-50 and CSR could put a spark to matchmaking from both the OG players and those that came into CSR in H5. I find the CSR to bland and boring myself while the 1-50 system kept me entertained and engaged. Why not do like Bronze 1-10, Silver 11-20, Gold 21-30, Platinum 31-40m Diamond 41-50, and maybe some special ranks/ symbol ranks (like they used in Halo 2 for ranks 44-50) for those that hit Onyx specific CSR for example 1500-1700 moon ranks, 1800 - eclipse, 1900 - sun, 2000 - comet, 2100+ Halo Ring


Also add the military ranking to start counting once you hit level 100. Something to work towards after you power through the season pass.

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I like how H3 added the military ranks but MCCs progression Military structure the way it repeats its self over and over makes no sense.

Plus I think if you’ve reach an officer - you need to master multiple playlists and commendations.

I hope when they do release this Progression system it’s not just thrown together cheap and quickly.

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The only thing I would really want back from the 1-50 days is the absence of the MMR number.

The thing was, back then, if you were a ‘50’ you just enjoyed / appreciated it. You didn’t put your sweat shirt on and start your push to 50.01. Or throw your controller against the wall when your team-mate eked out a couple more points than you did.

They could keep the Division/Tier structure and just take away the MMR number.

Bronze 1 to Onyx 6 = 36 levels.

If you wanted more you could change it to 10 Tiers per Division = 60 levels. Or just have 10 levels for Onyx (40 levels).

And for nostalgia you could give the ten Onyx levels the symbols from Halo 2.

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Yes, please bring back the nostalgia of Halo 2 rank system!!! I also, like the military rank idea of having to achieve/master something to move onto the next rank. The military rank would be great for social and for the weekly grind reward. It would also add a little more incentive to grind those weeklies.