Bring Achilles Back! Add a New Amor Challenge!

343 Should Bring the Achilles armor over to Halo Infinite! Not only was it such a grind to earn the armor but to rep that Armor inside of Halo infinite to show off our past achievements just like the SR152 Armor coating would be Amazing!

If anything Bring Achilles and add another “New” Version of an Achilles Armor Core into Infinite so that we could earn that aswell! Shoot you could potentially add multiple very cool armor sets that represent the grind within the game! You could just add “Spartan Companies” or Official “Clans” back into the fold to help achieve such endeavors! (Or simply create a bunch of single challenges for players to complete themselves) Please tell me what you guys think and go ahead and add any other sets you’d love to return to the game! - Bunz

Great idea and agree however need to fix core mechanic of desync issues first to attract more and retain current base.

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