Brian Reed Promotion?

So according to the twitter of “The Act Man” which I may add not a fan of. He points out that 343 has promoted the problem child of Halo’s story writing to Narrative Director of the franchise. I may ask WHY!!! He trashed Spartan Ops when he was lead writer and well I’ll let the hate train take over for Halo 5. But really WHY!!! I’m pretty sure there’s a good reason why Marvel got rid of him but putting him in charge fully of finalizing the stories. I don’t like it Infinity…

Did you just say I don’t like it infinity? Is that going to become a meme in the Halo community now?

But OT, yes Brian Reed has gotten himself a promotion. I’m glad for him but also not. There isn’t much we can do but hope the next few games will have brilliant stories. So fingers crossed.

Had too, Might as well have a community meme. With his promotion I can honestly hope that he doesn’t interfere with the main plot of future games whether its Halo 6, or any other title that comes from 343 it should be alright.

I don’t agree with the decision. Halo shouldn’t be told in the fashion of a comic book. It needs to be told like a classic epic science fiction story. Take cues from Asimov not Stan Lee.

As with previous topics like this, I follow Grim’s words on threads such as these.

> I’m not a big fan of calling folks out on a personal level, especially when it’s nearly impossible to attribute all challenges faced by a narrative experience - especially game development - on one person. Especially when no one else posting here would actually have any real insight to internal processes. Gonna politely put the kibosh on this thread.