Breast Cancer Charity auction, Custom Spartan

Please take a look and bid for a good cause.

From the auction.

> This auction is for a custom made figure for Breast Cancer. A little over two years ago, my mother found out she had Breast Cancer. Lucky they found it early and she had a double mastectomy. So far, she’s been doing fine, besides a couple infections she had to fight early on. I have my own health problems, so I can’t really donate a lot to walks or causes, so I thought this is one of my hobbies, customizing figures, and I figured I could donate that way. I have it set for 75% of the winnings to go towards, and the other 25% will go to my Mom. She’s on disability, and doesn’t make much, so I thought this might be a nice little surprise for her. Please feel free to spread the word if you know of any Halo fan sites or anyone that might be interested. Thank you, here’s a quick description of the figure.**
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I would if I could :confused:

I just posted it on Reach forums at Bungie… Many will flame but there might be someone out there … PS Good detail! I like the sort of warn from pink to steel at the calf… And my best wishes extend to your mom, what a fighter!

Oh well that’s cool it’s the cause that counts… I edited instead of posting again

Sorry I should have pointed out that this auction is being ran by a friend of mine.