Breakpoint - what some consider the best Invasion experience you can get. I agree, but this thread is not dedicated to how great this map is. In the last Phase, as everyone knows, the SPARTANS get Falcons. Falcons, metallic birds armed with machine guns. What do the Elites have to combat the Falcon? Only one Banshee and two DMRs. Not enough to take down the spawn killing Falcon, seeing as the Falcon can out gun the Banshee easily.

Now, for all I know, the Elites get only two anti-vehicle weapons. Why is this? The SPARTANS get two Rocket Launchers, a Laser, Grenade Launchers, and a Sniper. Two DMRs and Plasma Pistols are simply not enough to take down a Falcon. Before you can put five bullets into the Falcon, you’ll be dead, or it would simply disappear and appear out of nowhere, raining down a hail of bullets. It will also dodge Plasma Pistol bolts.

How to remedy this? Either give the Elites a Focus Rifle or a Plasma Launcher. The reason I do not include the Fuel Rod Gun is because it can be evaded too easily, and I can only see it being used against the Warthogs, seeing as we have the Plasma Pistol for that.

The Focus Rifle can take a gunner rather easily, and at long range.

The Plasma Launcher tracks the Falcon everywhere, the plasma grenades launched from it are extremely tenacious.

So, 343 forums, what do you think? I support the Focus Rifle over the Plasma Launcher, as it seems the most balanced.

I agree with you about adding the new weapons but the Banshee can take a Falcon if used correctly.

Can’t agree with you at all.

Elites spawn with a Plasma Pistol. A Banshee can very easily avoid a PP-shot, a Falcon is unlikely to avoid a PP-shot.
DMRs from will take a Banshee down quicker than a Falcon I believe but the Banshee can be flown in a manner as to greatly reduce their effectiveness. And if the enemy is team shooting at your Banshee, they are easy fodder for your team.
Banshees can easily avoid Plasma-Launchers, Pro-pipe shots and Rockets. Falcons cannot.
Both have little chance of avoiding a Laser.
The Banshee can trap a team into a death trap of bombs and spawns.
The Falcon takes too long to efficiently trap a team in their spawns. Though there are a few crazy enough to do it (you’re going to have to splatter and shoot… risk the jack).
The Focus Rifle and Sniper both take down vehicles in relatively the same time.
Stickies are more easily used on Falcons, Elites have easier access to stickies.

If it were a Banshee vs Falcon fight, the Banshee has the huge advantage. Though the MGs will kill a Banshee quicker than a Banshee can bomb a Falcon at close-range, the Banshee can easily regular-shoot the Falcon from a distance or make bombing runs. Fly withing bomb lock-on range, lock-on, fire and forgot, fly away, come back in and repeat. Doing that at maximum range makes it really hard for a Falcon to keep a MG lock on to the Banshee. The Banshee can also attack from 3 angles that minimize the Falcon’s ability to shoot back. The only problems are the infantry or a fairly skilled Falcon pilot who can keep their MGs aimed at the Banshee while avoiding their enemy infantry.

> I agree with you about adding the new weapons but the Banshee can take a Falcon if used correctly.

^ it comes down to skill.