Did you like the new game Mode Breakout ? (I personally think it was pretty cool and different)

I liked it because it gave a very real speedball feel to it. I think I’ll enjoy traditional modes more, but it was a fun change of pace.

I think it’s great. It is an area where Halo has been lacking(Round based, 1 life, No respawns) compared to other games. So it definitely fills that void, while probably making the most “speedballish” feeling game outside of an actually speedball game. LOL

I hope they have more than just one mode though. I’d like to see some objectives in Breakout.

I think it was great and will definitely be a focal point in Arena and Competitive tournaments.

I enjoyed breakout but not competitively, it was hard to get a good KDR.

I loved breakout, especially, 1 hit kill part.

I wasn’t very good at it, but it was fun. Very intense.

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> I wasn’t very good at it, but it was fun. Very intense.

I got decent at it, but only when I got the BR and was able to take pot shots, lol. But I agree, very intense and way more intense than you get with other game modes.