Breakout - Thing that must be fixe/balanced

So let me start of with that i think 343 have done a great job on H5 really enjoying it and how the balanced and made a use off al weaponds, the light rifle is a perfect support weapond now.

Anyway to my point, after playing some breakout and thining its a great mode (atleast for me) i found some things that need to be looked at not much but still importent.

  1. Well lets start with the deathcam. 3rd person view is broken here, u can literaly see the entire map (almost) and if u play in team u can then just call out enemys locations. Would be better if u gave us a first person view wehen u die in this playlist.

  2. Footsteps are a key to victory here! So this is about the music, the music when u are last alive really must be tuned down or removed. If u play serious and want to hear where the enemys momvent are (fotsteps) this need to be fixed, if im alive 1v3 or just 1v1 i want to be aviable to hear where hes moving to get an upperhand on the situation in my advatage.

  3. This not much of a problem, its just me feeling that melee is way to strong here, 1 hit kill? sure its fine if a well placed nade kills u, but 1 hit melee?