Breakout Sniper Tag

I made a new game type I want to share with the community called Breakout Sniper Tag. I, with the feedback of a few other players, created a game type similar to breakout with a few major changes. First off everyone spawns with a sniper rifle and SMG. You also do half the usual damage so it’ll take more than a lucky shot to take someone down. However shields do not regen so you need to play smart and avoid taking a shot or it could cost you the round later on. The flag does not spawn so you must kill the enemy players to win. I suggest playing in wide open maps such as Viking (Valhalla remake), and Unearthed, while we have also found that some small maps, such as Fort Guilder, also support very interesting gameplay for BST. This gametype is very good for training players a few vital lessons: strategy, communication, and accuracy. Over all we’ve had fun playing it and I hope you guys check my file and give it a bookmark.