Breakout medal/commendation question

For the Against All Odds Commendation (which i believe is the same as the bifecta/trifecta/superfecta medals), you have to survive a 1 vs 2/3/4 encounter and win.

Does anyone know if getting the flag score counts towards this, or do you have to actually kill them?

I did a flag score the other day when two guys were left on the other team and my last teammate died right before i scored, but it didn’t count. I thought maybe it was too soon after my teammate died for it to count, since the game didn’t have enough time to say last man standing.

I am unsure if flag caps count I think I am gonna try that tonight.

Well if you caped the flag right when the teammate died on a two on one and didn’t count you answered your own question there if you need to test it just grab two friends go into a custom game and have the solo man cap the flag

Like i said, it was so soon after his death that the game didn’t have a chance to say last man standing. I wasn’t sure if it didn’t register as a 1 vs 2 or if the issue was that flag scores don’t count for the medal/commendation

If flag scores do count, that would suggest that it only registers if the announcer says “one on two” or “last man standing”. In that case, 2v2 situations where they kill your teammate and you get both of them immediately after wouldn’t count either.