Breakout Hydra Launcher

I just wanted to share my opinion about some of the choices 343 has decided to implement into this game, specifically into the game mode known as Breakout. The Hydra Launcher seems to be crucial to success. It feels like the whole entire concept of winning is to race your balls off to the center to get that -Yoink- Hydra Launcher. I’m sure I have shared opinions among the readers of this, so I would to keep this open to the rest of you guys. Thanks for reading my rant.

P.S. (I may be mentally insane)

Well it’s only 1 rocket to kill someone with it in breakout so it would be a good option to grab it, especially since they follow you around corners.

I support you on this one, usually Breakout was more like a tactical game among players. Now, you get the OP weapon and your chances get too high for a match. I think that BR’s and DMR’s should be left instead.