Breakout getting removed?

According to 343, this might be the case. Discuss.

what’s their to discuss…it was removed from the Team Arena playlist already…

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> what’s their to discuss…it was removed from the Team Arena playlist already…

This and thank god breakout is trash. It ca, have it’s own playlist for people that like it that is fine though. Removing it from Arena is the best thing they could have done.

I agree breakout should stay out of arena. I have fallen in love with the community breakout list. I hope that stays.

I approve of this. It had it’s own playlist already, if I wanted to play it, I would go there.

I haven’t cared much for Team Arena breakout so I don’t mind, I would die if they removed the real breakout though. I hope the standard maps of breakout will comeback aswell.

I wish that 343 would also put CTF and strongholds in their own playlists. It would make completing their commendations so much easier.

A lot of people at launched wanted it gone thought it was too “pro” for arena

Call me crazy, but why wouldn’t you just leave it and and add some more game types instead of removing them

Glad it was removed. It’s too different of a style of gameplay to include with the regular Arena gametypes.

Removing it is a good move. I enjoy the Breakout playlist, but Breakout Arena was kinda annoying. The ball modes will be added to Team Arena I imagine anyway.

I’m glad they made this change.

I don’t get why they removed it though, yes it was annoying to play Arena Breakout in the ‘Team Arena’ playlist but why won’t they just add it to the normal breakout routine? Another waste of a good game mode.

Breakout playlist is great. Arena breakout was obnoxious.

I say get rid of it. It really takes me out of my zone when i’m having fun with all the other game times. Good job 343

breakout on the actual maps designed for it is very fun to play. But I don’t play team arena to play breakout, i’d rather see oddball or another objective based mode take the place of arena breakout.

I actually liked Team Arena Breakout, because you had shields. Oh well, like Doubles, they come and go. I’m sure it’ll come back for a weekend or something.

i hated arena breakout, im glad its gone

Breakout was so awful, I won’t miss it.

Of course they removed it because they have nothing better to do, arena breakout was a variation of breakout and I didn’t actually mind it. The whole point of arena was to provide a playlist that offered a variation of game types, but by removing breakout it is left with only 3 game modes (slayer, ctf and strongholds) =boring/repetitive.