Breakout Gametype Suggestions

So I know I’m not original when I say that the commendations known as Unstoppable and Against All Odds are kind of messed up, for a few different reasons. While I’m not going to suggest reducing the requirements or changing/removing them altogether, I can suggest some gametypes that can be implemented to ease some of our woes!

Breakout Best of 3: As it says, this is the same as breakout, except you only need to win 2 rounds to win the game. Obviously you can see how much this eases achieving those elusive Immortal medals.I know I’m not the only one who routinely gets killed during the final round of the game!

Breakout Manhunt: A game where a team of 3 or 4 are pit against a solo player. Perhaps the solo player will have camo or an over shield to make things more even, perhaps not. But on the whole I think we recognize it’s an unusual situation that you’re in a position to score even a bifecta, and trying to farm Against All Odds does not promote the teamwork necessary to succeed in regular breakout.

Whether these would show up as the occasional weekend playlist or what is beyond me, but they make things much more achievable for bums like myself. Thoughts?