Breakout - game-breaking lag issues

I’ve noticed quite a bit of lag in slayer, but generally ignored it - I was still able to contribute, even if I was simply cannon fodder to distract the enemy players.
But Breakout is unplayable with lag - at the start of every round, if there’s lag you will end up committing suicide by landing outside of the arena walls.

Has anyone else come across this issue?

There is a major problem with this game mode. I don’t know what happen but it’s unplayable. A number of things that goes on its a game breaker. I guess I am done with Halo 5 because I can’t play that mode.

I want to know who the f*** dropped the ball at 343. Yours suppose to take care of everything top class and now it’s a complete joke from the first party on top of that a Halo game!