BREAKOUT 2.0...Fireteam needed for ONYX and above!

Hello everyone,
I played a lot of the old breakout ( Halo 5 gamemode ) before the summer with a fellow spartan in a two man fireteam. We got 1st and 2nd in the UK on the halotracker leaderboards in the June / July season and we were very dissapointed to see the playlist go unranked after the summer. Now that the new breakout has launched, me and my fellow spartan are ready to dive into the action again… however we found out before the summer that it is not possible ( Im sure its possible, but it is down to luck more than skill ) to get above a diamond rank with a 2 man team.

For this reason wer have decided to try and find two more spartans to play with us… to have FUN, but also to help us rise through the ranks a little bit faster than in a two man team.

We want to do well and get good ranks, however we are NOT 100% serious… you do NOT have to be a try -hard when you play with us. You dont need to be very, very good either, but you need to know what you are doing enough to make a bit of a difference ( just having a mic will help )…
Keep in mind, breakout has just had a massive change, so me and my friend are kinda new to how the gamemopde plays atm… we are currently both in GOLD 6… ( should be platinum by next week )… so dont expect any magic… we know what we are doing and we have some experience in larger fireteams.

Times that we play our Breakout sessions are…
6:30am - 8:00am GMT ( england )
11:30pm - 1:00am PT ( pacific time )
ON WEEKDAYS ONLY!!!.. monday to friday GMT… so that includes sunday night if you are pacific time…
If you can only do some of the days please still contact me below or privatley via xbox messages… we can arrange something.

Please work out what time this is relative to where you are based.

Having a mic is important as communication is key to winning in breakout ( and all gamemodes really )… so please use a mic… or explain why you cant currently use a mic and we will sort something out :slight_smile:

If you want to play with us, the first day we would play is this upcomming Monday 17th… ( english time… this may be sunday night if you are in other parts of the world ).

If you are intersted in playing breakout with me and my buddy ( and hopefully one other person as well ), and you can make these times, then please either comment on this forum or message me directly on Xbox.

Overall, any help would be greatly appreciated… we just want to have fun and win whilst doing so… so please dont get scared off by the long requirements thing… all you really need is to be able to play at the times stated… have a mic… and a bit of skill :wink:

please do resond…

Anyone ???

I know british champs so i doubt that what your saying is 100% true

> 2533274901688290;3:
> I know british champs so i doubt that what your saying is 100% true

??.. I know british champs as well… How does that make it not true?

If you mean because I said I was top of UK halotracker breakout leaderboards for june/july season, … Thats based off how much you play, not rank.