Breakout 1.0 posts are being supressed

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Yesterday I checked one of my discussions and a moderator must’ve locked it they said that i disobey the rules by making two quotes in my own discussion instead of editing my first quote and my breakout discussion was locked. They also said that if I wanted to I should post in the breakout forum so today I looked for that forum and realized that the moderators have been locking peoples breakout discussions for a while now so that no one can share there opinions about how they want breakout 1.0 , or as another person who got locked out said “ breakout origins”. Why are we being shut down? Why is asking for original breakout something thats not allowed it would seem, why have other peoples posts been locked out so no one can comment in them. Its not right. Im lvl 152 and have played and asked many peoples opinions of breakout over the years so when i take my personal time to actually log on too the halo forums to express my opinion and then get locked out, it breaks my heart. I will be saveing a copy of this post so that if i get banned from the forums i can share my experience with others! Ty for takeing the time to read this long post! :heart: The halo forums are the first ive ever gotten the will to express my opinion on so i may be breaking a rule posting this, im sorry if thats the case. If so please slap me on the wrists and direct me to the rules page.

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