Break Out is Sick! Told yaz didn't i ! Stay away!!

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I remember a couple months ago and earlier I was telling you all how sick break out was going to be when the game drops and that it will be the main game type along with arena slayer.
U all said my break out game type was crap and and you would rather “suck on a turd” than play break out etc etc etc.
Did any one notice how good break out looked in the latest req trailer that came out?
Tollldya didn’t i !!!
now let’s hope 343 use these same graphical styles to fix Eden and make it dark again so we can see lightning in the sky like we could in the beta and so we can see wet reflections on the floor from the lights and rain puddles etc.
Notice how deadly break out looks!!!
make sure u little kids don’t start sucking up and trying to say that use like break out now all of a sudden. Stay away Kunts!!!
Toldya Kunts!!!
Im confident now that they have heard my crys to save Eden. I believe the map will be dark and realistic once again.
I just wish they would remove the green outlines around guns and that gay spice girl Outro to matches and change it back to the spartan 4 style Outro but hey, if they save Eden after listening to me and continue to make breakout as good as they are doing then hey, I guess I’ll live with it.
im glad 343 heard my cry!
When you first see break out after the game drops… REMEMBER ME !!!
toldya kunts!!!

Round based gameplay without respawns has probably been around longer than you’ve been alive.