Break Neck Company (it's what we do)

Are you good at playing? Bad at playing? Mediocre at playing? Break Neck Company is the group for you. With hardly any requirements, it is the easiest company to join!

A Couple Traits We Are Looking For

  1. Good Attitudes

Please try to have a good attitude when playing. Halo 5 is a great game that comes with great communities. Being respectful is important to the mood of the site. We all know people make mistakes, but you will be banned if you are posting continual disrespect and negative input.

  1. Relatively clean language

There are a large amount of younger people that play Halo. In just one online game with chat, those kids can hear a life time of profanities. So try to keep clean speech as a habit, even if it’s 789 to 238 points on Warzone and your team has the depressing 238.

As always, have fun! That’s what games are all about! Join Break Neck Company for the good, the bad, and the mediocre.

(Send me a quick: “Hey! I’m applying” right next to here: IrishLaws5)