BRE Need Body Actors (Halo: Reach Machinima)

I need, at minimum, 8 players to puppeteer a Halo: Reach machinima. The armor needed is as follows:

Helmets: CQC Base and Military Police (All variants if possible)

Shoulders: Gungnir and CQC

Body: Tactical/Recon and UA/Counter Assault

Wrist: U/A Bracer

Utility: Doesn’t matter

Knee Guards: FJ/Para and Grenadier

All armor effects must be turned off, and you Visor will be default. This will be very crucial to the film. It’s mostly just the fire fight. The more people I can get, the easier this can be. Just add me on Xbox and add a message saying you are interested. Thank’s for reading, and I hope to hear back.

I can help, My time zone is US Pacific if that helps.

I can help and I meet all the requirement to participate in this machinima.

I can help if you still need it. I have a few years body acting, and I have over 90% armory completion. Just send a message of when is your next body acting session.

Also what is your channel so I can see what other machinimas you have done.

GT: SepiaAnt8071