Brazillian Server Problem

I started to play Halo Master Chief Collection about two months ago. I was playing the campaigns and also the multiplayer. When I heard about the updater, I was very happy because would be more players to play with. The problem, is that I live in Brazil, and I not able anymore to find any matches. People told me that the servers are blocked by region. This topic is much more like a protest. Brazillians that desire to play MCC please add me on Xbox Live.

Gamertag: GusACDCBR


Hey folks, this is a known issue right now - ske7ch posted some details yesterday.—9-1-18/b24c5f7b-bd4e-4d38-98cd-298ef08e75cd/posts

> Regional Matchmaking Challenges
> We know players in some regions - particularly Australia, New Zealand, Asia, India, and parts of South America - are having difficulties getting into matchmaking games. The team is working on an update targeted for release next week that aims to expand the dedicated server ping/latency connection limits to try and help players in some of these less populated regions find matches easier. These changes are going to be applied to social playlists initially and will be monitored closely to determine impact and outcome to inform next steps.

If you want to try an team up with other players in your region in the mean time, please use the recruiting forums. Thanks