Bravo 343

Still, after a month of live servers the penalties of betraying are foregone.

For the upteenth time I got killed by a Warthog on purpose and my sniper rifle taken, while the guy did it spent the rest of the time standing in front of me or teabagging my living body. No way to report it either.

-Yoinking!- bravo 343. Thank God I bought this from a friend for $40 and don’t worry guys I won’t post again. Enjoy the slightly lightened bandwidth

God, people are real stupid. The people you should be directing your complaint are the people who betray you, not 343. If teammates are EMPing your mantis, or splattering you, that is because the teammates are mentally challenged, not the developers.

Just like people blame 343 for Join in Progress system, NO its not broken, you should blame the people who left while they were losing and opened up the spot for you to join. Those are the sore losers that should take the heat.

yea, and being chained emp and having my vehicles stuck by the plasma grenade EVERY SINGLE TIME I SPAWN by teammates without allowing me the option to boot them is so the players fault, WHY THE HELL DID THEY REMOVE FREINDLY FIRE, AND SCREW UP THE LOADOUT WEAPONS?

you cna spawn with a anti vehicle weapon that is SO good in the past there were limited to 2 on a map.