BRAVO 343 yououh

yeah one weak and only 50 000 players online whaou this is so beautiful ! This game is so amazing !!! Seriously it is so ridiculous…

So to you, 50,000 people playing a game at one time is an accurate indicator that the game is bad?

Wow, you must be really shallow.

Everyone aside from the no lifers are at school or at work. -.-

Lol (the Most Halo players)American People has it around 7-9AM not all kids avoiding school to play games all the day! I saw yesterday at American Nighttime around 500.000 ppl playing just info o_O

Didn’t COD BLOPS II get released today?

I think you’ll find this is a natural peak and trough time for any game. The biggest numbers to come on both games will be over the Christmas break.

Some people are going to get bored with COD quickly to besides maybe this will show idiots just how different Halo still is.

I did not say that the game is bad entirely but you see that’s something wrong somewhere

lol 50 000 players halo4 hihi.75 000 players in the halo reach.???

The people who judge Halo’s quality on its population are normally the ones who also say it should not appeal to the mass market casual ‘COD style’ format.

don’t talk about this s**t, halo is halo cod is cod if people wants to buy -Yoink- let them ! it’s not my case so don’t tell me i’m a kid or i’m cod player you don’t know me

Hmmm, its a Tuesday morning, a lot of people have school or work, and oh yea that means no time to play Halo 4… just wait for the weekend before you decide based on population if if a game is good or bad… :confused:

> I did not say that the game is bad entirely but you see that’s something wrong somewhere

Like your grammar.

Then what the hell are you talking about? if 50k tells you the game is broke compared to COD then why dont you keep off the forum and go play that then?

It’s obvious that there is nothing constructive to discuss here, so I’m locking this.