Bravo 343, Bravo.

The title says it all folks. I am very pleased with this game. It’s simply awesome; playing the best campaign of them all with updated graphics. Some people may not like it, nor even care, but then again, who cares? :smiley:
I love it.
The only thing that is a pain is the brutality of solo legendary. 'Nuff said.

So far, I’m loving the hell out of it, too! The updated sounds and graphics make it feel really shiny and new. It evokes the same feelings I get from both playing a brand new Halo game and from replaying Halo 1 at the same time. New game feeling and nostalgia are a strange and wonderful combination.

I’m just waiting for the Flood. My dear little Infection Forms in HD. Oh, the joy!

I agree.

Just finished my playthrough. Very satisfied overall. And, I don’t know why, but, the Flood seemed REALLY challenging this time around. I mean, I’ve played through the original on Normal too many times to count, but they were overwhelming at times.

It’s unbelievable. Beautiful. Everyone always says how they felt awestruck when first stepping out of the escape pod 10 years ago and taking a gander at the beautiful landscape. I never got that feeling, as the first time I played Halo: CE I think I was 18 (and had seen much better graphics). Halo 2 was my first Halo game when I was 12 or 13 I believe. But tonight… all I can say is WOW. I now know how those people felt 10 years ago. That feeling was/is amazing. I can’t wait to get home from class tomorrow and have another lazy Halo night :smiley:

Is it possible for your brain to split apart from a combination of amazement at the new and utter nostalgia? If it is I might be in trouble.

It is beyond awesome. I absolutely love CE’s campaign, and now, it reaffirmed its position as my favourite. Not saying it ever fell to second place… but now it’s without doubt my most beloved. And so far I’ve only played the first two levels.

yupp great stuff

Combat Evolved really has aged so well. The controls don’t feel dated at all (pretty damn smooth, tbh), and the Campaign is brilliant…and long. I spent about 8 hours, on Legendary, getting to the concluding part of the 3rd level. The AI still shocks and impresses (I was genuinely surprised by some of the stuff they did), and the resulting unpredictability of combat means I can’t stick to one strategy. Game can be rock hard at points. The overhauled visuals really are astonishing (seeing the illuminating grav lift over the mountains was wow), and switching back and forth between 2001 graphics, and todays, is such a cool way to see how far things have come. The original still looks very nice, it has to be said. New audio is yum, too. Very impressed with what I’ve seen, and heard, thus far.

The terminals so far are very interesting indeed. Looking forward to learning more about the extended fiction through these neat videos. Just watched the T&R one, which was awesome.

Jumping Elites are fun and dangerous. Oh, and I’m not sure if it’s just me, but plasma blasts, fired by Hunters, seem so much more dangerous. They seem quicker and they sound terrifying.

Yup, CE is definitely my fav Halo Campaign.

I’m loving the game so far. I’m finding some issues on live campaign but nothing is ever perfect. Great job 343. :slight_smile: