Brasil Warzone matchmaking problem.

Hi everyone, i’m here to report a problem that a large part of Brazilians are experiencing since launch, we can not find players for the warzone multiplayer mode…
For the other modes, it’s all very good and fast in relation to matchmaking,but we want to play the best game mode in Halo 5…

Thank you for reading this topic, I am available for any answer on this issue!

How long we will have to wait to have what we bought? Shame on you 343 and Microsoft!!

I am Brazilian and I have the same problem, we need a solution 343 !!

It’s very difficult to find players online to play warzone. I have tried a couple of times after 01 AM BRT, but got no players available msg. Even today (Sunday), I was able to play only one match.

Please, fix this multiplayer issue with warzone. Also, I wanna play with people from other countries not only Brazilians.

Is impossible find any match in war zone mode We need a answer 343 industries please

Got the game 3 days ago and I still can’t find a single match in Warzone mode.

I’ve got some friends in BR that I had to leave behind to play some Warzone. It sucks.
I second the need for this to be fixed.

aqui tmbm!