Hey everyone, I just finished creating a brand new spartan company about five minutes ago! The name of the spartan company is 343KilledHalo. I know, its super ironic since I am playing 343’s game and creating a company on their servers, blah blah blah. However, I am the only member right now and I would like to at least get enough members to go active. Ideally, I would like to fill the group to max. capacity.

We are a mix of social, competitive, and casual gamers. That is my goal at least. I am trying to achieve a mix of all three. Although, there is such a thing as too competitive which is no fun. I encourage competitiveness, but to an extent. Assuming we get enough members, I would like to try to set up weekly/bi-weekly, or even monthly gaming hangouts where we all go online and just hang out, play some Halo, etc. It would also be cool to participate and compete in competitions against other spartan companies and such.

Anyway, I have said enough. If you want to know more, read our group’s page description. If you agree with the group’s name and the basis for it, you should totally join. Or if you’re just looking for fun or new friends. Also, if you love tea-bagging the enemy. JOIN US! JOIN ME! SO we can take over the world.

Here’s our page: 343KilledHalo