Brand new small 4v4 map.

Ok guys, it seems that 343 wants to take Halo in a BTB direction and thats fine. So I have made my very own 4v4 slayer map. I feel pretty good about it. However, it doesn’t mean anything until you guys play it for yourself and tell me if it works or not.

My gamertag is my screen name here on waypoint JHCRANE 14 (DUH) just in case.

So please, get on Halo 4, go to file browser, enter my gamertag, and download my map. I really want to know what you guys think.

It is a UNSC science lab hidden in the asteroid belt. Made for 4v4 slayer and regicide. CORRIDOR!!!

If anybody wants me to check out there maps just post here and I will check out your map too.

Hope you guys like it. It is a complete originial map, no remake.

God Bless.

I looks like a semi-decent, semi-symmetrical map. Although I don’t like all of the ordnance drops, they are unnecessary. Also, it might be a good idea to phase out the teleporters one way or another. Teleporters plus all of the shotguns and other power weapons you placed do not make a good combinations. This was just from a quick run down.

I am not sure how you could turn this map into an objective map also, but I believe all maps should be playable on all game modes.

I personally would be interested in putting weapons on the map without the use of ordnance drops.

A good start though.