!! Brand new clan !!

Welcome! we are The Inheritors.

This clan is a whole new clan with a overreacted requirements to join. In this clan we want skilled players who take the clan very serious and participate events and clan OPS whenever we schedule. Our clan will be one of the most active clans with skilled players.

Are you intrested? If so, reply in this topic. Before you reply, make sure you have the following requirements to join:

  • Play Halo 4 everyday for atleast 4Hours or more!
  • Have skills, be a good player on Infinity Slayer.
  • Participate all of our events or clan ops.

Administrators: TchuKid & Mokonski95
ClanOP/Event scheduler: TchuKid & Mokonski95
Clan Recruiter: TchuKid

[List of Members]
This will coming soon!

Please note: This is our only topic, but this topic will be edited and added more features soon. We always check the replies on this forum.