Brand New Clan Needing Members!

Any Spartans who are wanting something more than your normal clan and would like a head start and leadership opportunities, contact PEAC3 BY WAR for your spot in Legion IX today!

What country are you based? how many members do you have??

Hello my fellow Spartans we are the nubbstompers and we are looking for new halo players that would like to make new friends to play with or just find a group to run some games with we have players of all skill level from competitive pros who rank champion or onyx we also have noob tier players so just about everyone is welcomed ( unless your 12-16 years old) so if your a big halo fan or just want a laid back company to have fun in then I believe we are the company for you but if the Nubbstompers is full and your wanting to join we have our sub company the stumpnubbers so of this sounds like something you would want them check out our company pages and if you like what you see then send that request in and we will get to it as soon as we can well happy hunting Spartans and I hope to see some of you on the battlefield soon

P.s. If you send the regular message when you request to join then you chances to join will be very slim