Brainstorm Ideas for challenges for 343

  • Absorb x damage with the Drop Wall
  • Travel x distance with the grapple hook
  • Travel x distance with objectives or passengers
  • Ping x enemies with the Threat sensor
  • While cloaked, back smack an enemy
  • Do x damage to enemy spartans

Earn Equipment Based Medals (Mind the Gap, Whiplash, etc)

Earn Legendary Medals (Purple & Silver)

Earn Mythic Medals (Red & Gold)

Earn Multi-kills

Earn Killing Sprees

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I dont know if I just got lucky this week, but it feels like, this week, they cut out some of the more annoying challenges. It’s still not perfect, but it definitely felt better than last week. This is a step in the right direction

I don’t mind MCC challenge system but honestly I don’t want to rely solely on challenges to progress. I’d like kills, wins, style points and play time to be included as part of progression.


Yeah I think they should have a level/rank displayed next to your name like in MCC that reflects the amount of EARNED xp (minus those bought via grants) thats kinda equal to what your total of pass levels would be without xp grants, plus a performance based xp bonus in addition to the 50 win xp that has a minimum of 50 additional for a terrible low performing match (total 100 on match completion, and higher if you perform well, win, etc.)

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They still have “get x kills with the pulse carbine” so they haven’t fixed all of them :grimacing:

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Hold the objective for x seconds: This could be anything from Oddball time to time with the flag, the process of taking a stronghold, etc. And maybe there’s some sort of bonus for Objective medals like “Straight Ballin’” or “Flag Kill”

We could refine that to make actual use of the points system that currently does nothing
Something like “earn x objective points” Would also help avoid people just carrying the flag to rack up challenge progress instead of capping it

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I like that. They could also give some points for flag drivers.

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I’d like to see anything that’s PvP have a non PvP version. It’s more inclusive of all player skills and encourages grinding as an alternative. E.g. this week’s willow armor requires 5 killing sprees vs PvP in fiesta. Make it a factor of like x10 against bots (50 killing sprees).

Also count progress against all challenges like in mcc, not just “active” ones. While grinding with a friend we found out that any killing spree beyond the initial 5 don’t count towards the total! Like ho-lee smokes what were they thinking!? You are punishing players who are rocking it AND those who don’t go on sprees as often… Please 343 be reasonable.

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I like what MCC does with its seasonal challenges a lot of times where it asks for like 200 kills, and clarifies that pvp kills will count as 10 kills each

My idea for challenges is to remove them entirely. Give 50 xp for completing a match, another 50xp for winning (for 100 total if you win) and give a percentage of your match score as xp. Make the ultimate reward simply complete 30 matches or win 15 matches.

If they insist on challenges they should be a list of one and done challenges that are hyper specific that straight up unlock something kind of like how some of the MCC season challenges give cosmetics just here they should be available forever. Or just bring back commendations and have cosmetic rewards for doing them.

Wanted to bring this thread back by talking about the assists challenge that’s been showing up a lot lately. That should probably be changed to “assists OR kills”. Encouraging players to NOT finish off their targets is kinda bad

I’d agree with most of your ideas

In addition, if challenges such as this

are in a lot of people’s list then the opposite should also be there. In this case ‘Earn kills whilst being driven in a multiseat vehicle’.

This way people are working together rather than having 50 people sitting in warthogs honking with no-one wanting to gun for them.

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This is funny. A lot of the people on this forum probably have full time jobs. So not only do we have to do our full time jobs, we also have to do 343s job in coming up with decent challenges because they’re complete doo doo at it. The irony is palpable.

These are nice, broad challenge suggestions, but they would need to make sure that with such broadness comes in-game lists of which weapons, vehicles, and medals qualify for each specific challenge. Some, for example, may not realize that the needler qualifies as an explosive. Once again, MCC is a good reference for this as their per-challenge lists are very thorough and helpful.

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once again, MCC did something better than infinite. They really shouldve learned from the things MCC did well

MCC got the challenges and the seasonal store and content concepts right. I can finish all the MCC challenges in 4 to 6 hours every week. For infinite I am lucky if I am done in 8 hours without using swaps.

I’m all about having some sort of challenge system but don’t make it to a point where it’s a chore every week. I think progress has been made but there’s a ways to go. Some of the score challenges have helped.

Some of the zone, oddball, and ctf flags should be more broad. For example instead of having a challenge for 3 flag caps, maybe we should have a challenge for earning any 5 flag objective medal (flag kill, flag carrier kill, flag return, flag capture, fkag assist, etc.). Instead of 10 skewer kills maybe earn 10 kills with the sniper, skewer, stalker, or shock rifles. Having challenges tied to rng specific modes like total control, oddball, ctf or specific weapons etc is crazy.

The additions of tactical skayer, ffa, team slayer specific challenges have helped but there’s still challenges that are luck or rng based.

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Ding ding ding! We have a winner. Objective modes need to essentially be “Play the Objective”. For Oddball it should be “Accumulate x time holding the Oddball”, and maybe getting a ball kill gives you an extra 10 seconds because doing that is somewhat difficult.

Strongholds should just be capture/defend zones x amount of times.

For flags throw in the challenge where you have to kill an enemy who’s returning there flag as well.

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Ultimate Challenge: Play 15 matches straight without leaving early in Quickplay