Brainstorm Ideas for challenges for 343

of course they really should trash a lot of them, that’s why I think we gotta come up with replacements. Not necessarily in the same spirit as the ones that were removed, just anything that sounds fun to pursue without being a disruptive deviation from the intended gameplay loop.

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just remove challenges

Have to wait a few months for them to add a real progression system first.

I love driving others! Infact I prefer to.


If only that were a feeling shared by more players. Since it isn’t though, having a challenge to encourage it would be awesome.

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Challenges in Halo Reach were fun, They still are in MCC. I think, even an ideal progression system for infinite still ought to feature challenges, just not as THE sole progression option.

In addition to what you’ve listed, I would love to see monthly or even seasonal challenges. These would naturally be a little grindier, but would offer large rewards.

I also have a few challenge ideas:

  1. Play ten placement matches in any ranked playlist

  2. Headshot # Enemy Spartans

  3. Assist Teammates

  4. Find Collectibles (Campaign)

  5. Dispatch a Spartan Killer (Campaign)

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I like the inclusion of campaign challenges, assuming the player owns the campaign. The Placement matches, though, could end up an issue if the player has already played too many placement matches prior to receiving the challenge to be able to finish it.

buy 1 battle pass premium - 343 xp

Good point regarding the placement matches. Maybe it could be changed to:

“Play 10 matches in any Ranked Playlist”

This would give the same effect, but allow everyone the chance to complete the challenge.

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For sure. In fact, I think it would be a good idea for challenges to play games all kinds of different matchmaking playlists, like there currently is for “completing quick play matches”, But I have a feeling the playlist selection might not be final yet. It’s easy to forget this is technically a beta.

For #11 a stipulation i realized today that would need to happen for that is to include melee kills as credit for that challenge. Otherwise there’d be too many situations where you’re encouraged to run and reload instead of finish a kill properly

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Telescopic - Aim Down Sights on any weapon 3 times - 5000xp

Hang-a-Louie - go left at any intersection twice in a single match - 7000xp

Best Served Cold - Kill an enemy Spartan who previously killed you. Or like, try to I guess - 10,000xp

True. Although you can melee then shoot, depending on the situation.

Funnily enough, this mindset sort of bleeds into the shooting range. Much of the training doesn’t really teach you to properly used the guns (Getting kills with a Plasma Pistol, not being able to melee with bladed weapons, etc). I think there needs to be a proper obstacle course.

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This may be a subjective thing, but I think the “in pvp” stipulation should be removed from all challenges that aren’t playlist specific. Didn’t they say they were adding the bot mode as a way for people who didnt like pvp to still experience and progress through the game? That stipulation that gets added to every challenge past a certain point kinda goes against that sentiment.

They should bring back the plasma pistol charge EMP too.

i don’t necessarily agree with that, but I do think they didnt do enough to compensate for removing that, and as a result, made the plasma pistol a very underwhelming pickup. Maybe they shouldve made the standard shot stronger, or made the charge more viable and snappy. Even in the weapon drills the charged shot can’t track the slow moving targets at all.

However, not what this topic is about.

boot up reach, solution fully designed:

  • service record
  • post game report
  • stats
  • commendation
  • performance xp
  • exp jackpots for non-quitters
  • weekly and dailies to enrich that

I think they shouldn’t have changed it, the EMP was an interesting function, without that it is just good for noob combo. It really wasn’t problematic.


Totally forgot about jackpots. Reach was such a great Halo game.