Brainstorm Ideas for challenges for 343

So I think everyone can agree at this point…the hyperspecific challenges that force you to play the wrong way to the detriment of your team’s success are horrible. So I had an idea for a thread to get rolling here on the forums:
Post your ideas you have for challenges that would be interesting and fun to pursue that are still general enough to consistently progress without sandbagging the match to chase it down. Ideally ones that encourage correct play rather than going out of your way to play poorly to complete a challenge.

I’ll start with my own ideas to give an example. Some may already be challenges that I just have never seen:

  • Kill enemy spartans with vehicles (replace all challenges that ask for specific vehicle kills)
  • Attain assists from Driving multiseat vehicles
  • Kill spartans with nonstandard weapons (anything picked up around the map, includes power weapons or precision pickups)
  • Kill spartans with Explosives (anything from grenades of various types to rockets, hydras, Needler supercombine, etc.)
  • Kill spartans with projectiles (bullets, plasma, needler impacts, skewer, etc.)
  • Kill spartans with banished tech (includes grenades as well as weapons)
  • Kill spartans with forerunner tech (same as above if there even are forerunner grenades, idk what dynamos are)
  • Kill spartans with human tech(^)
  • Destroy or damage vehicles into mayday state (replace all challenges to destroy specific vehicles completely before the player bails out)
  • Capture objectives in objective modes
  • Kills with airdrops in BTB (both vehicles and weapons count)

Many different challenges from MCC can also be used for inspiration for more, such as Multikill medals, Headshots, etc. Sometimes a challenge in MCC felt a bit annoying to get, but it was never as bad as it is currently in infinite. I think we need a change ASAP, and it would likely help speed things up to throw ideas together to give 343 ideas as to what we find reasonable challenges.


Now you’re thinking.

343 actually already has a system like this for MCC… they just neglected to use it.


Another one to add I realized could be EMP enemy vehicles. This is now more of a process in infinite than it was in 3, 4, and reach, but isn’t that much of a hassle to do in a real match, and actually helps your team. Perfect for the types of challenges we need in infinite.


Here’s what I have for challenges this week and how I would improve them:

  1. For the Fun (Complete quick play matches) Tier 1 (200 XP)
    This one is fine and is a good first challenge to warm you up.

  2. Spread the Love (Get BR Kills) Tier 1 (200 XP)
    I would change this to either “Get tactical rifle kills” (BR and VK) or "Get X Marksman medals (Marksman is awarded for getting 5 kills with the BR or VK in a match. You can only get one per match though).

  3. Spartan Killer (Kill players in Slayer PvP) Tier 2 (250 XP)
    This is fine. They could make it harder by making it “Kill X number of player in a match.” Also they need to get rid of the slayer condition. Killing players is killing players, no matter the mode.

  4. Under Control (Complete a Total Control Match): Tier 1 (200 XP)
    This needs to be changed to “Complete Zone Control Modes” (Total Control, Strongholds, KotH & Territories if they get added).

  5. Spike Drop (Kill an enemy spartan with the Mangler) Tier 1 (200 XP)
    You’re going to see a theme with the weapon/vehicle challenges. With this one, it needs to be one of these:
    “Get kills with sidearms (Sidekick, Mangler, Plasma Pistol, Disruptor)”
    “Get Kills with Banished Sidearms (Mangler, Disruptor)”
    “Get Kills with Bladed weapons (Mangler, Skewer, Ravager)”

  6. Large Squad Scuffle (Complete BTB matches in PvP) Tier 2 (250 XP)
    This is fine.

  7. Trusty Sidekick (Kill enemy spartans with the sidekick) Tier 1 (200 XP)
    Because it’s a starting weapon, this is fine. But it could be changed to “Get kills with precision weapons (Sidekick, VK, BR, Stalker Rifle, Sniper, Mangler, Shock Rifle, Skewer)”,
    or even better, “Get Headshots”.

  8. Large Squad Scuffle (Complete a BTB match) Tier 1 (200 XP)
    This is fine, although maybe make it more than 1.

  9. Separation Anxiety (Stick a spartan with a grenade in PVP) Tier 2 (250 XP)
    This is fine, but I’d maybe extend it to simply, “Get grenade kills”.

  10. Collector Addition (Complete a Stockpile match) Tier 1 (200 XP)
    This is fine, maybe broaden it to, "Complete Asset Denial modes (Stockpile, CTF, Oddball).

  11. Dogged Determination (Get Bulldog Kills in PvP) Tier 2 (250 XP)
    Change to, "Get Kills with Shotguns (Bulldog or Heatwave). This eliminates the RNG of the rotating weapon spawns.

  12. Zap Music (Get Shock Rifle kills in PvP) Tier 3 (300 XP)
    Change to, “Get kills with Electricity weapons” and maybe it offers double progress if you get the Chain Reaction Medal. It’s rewarded for killing enemies with the Shock Rifle’s arc damage.

  13. Full Commando (Get Commando Kills) Tier 1 (200 XP)
    ^See # 2.

  14. For the Win (Win Quick Play matches) Tier 2 (250 XP)
    This is fine, but winning games should be offered as extra XP on top of per-match XP anyways.

  15. Noisemaker (Get Rocket Kills in PvP) Tier 3 (300 XP)
    This is fine, but it could be, “Get Kills with Launchers (Rockets, Cindershot, Hydra, maybe the Ravager)”

  16. Trusty Sidekick (Get kills with Sidekick) Tier 2 (250 XP)
    ^See #7

  17. Ultra Tech (Get a Cindershot kill in PvP) Tier 2 (250 XP)
    ^See #15

  18. Head’s Up Play (Win Oddball Matches in PvP) Tier 3 (300 XP)
    ^See #10, accept you have to win those.

  19. Subanese Slayer (Get a kill with the Needler in PvP) Tier 2 (250 XP)
    This is fine, but maybe the Sentinel Beam can be fit into here since these weapon share a rack. Rename it to “How Does it Reload?”

  20. Mortar Minimizer (Kill Wraiths in PvP) Tier 3 (300 XP)
    Either include killing Scorpions as well or change it to, "Kill Power Vehicles (Wraith, Scorpion, Wasp, Banshee, Gausshog if it gets added).

This is more or less how MCC handles it, and you don’t have to compromise your play style to get these. Weeklies are suppose to take a long time to get because you have to do a “simple” action many times, not do one “difficult” action once or a few times. The super hard/specific stuff should be achievements that offer a unique item upon completion
Ex: Get a Perfection, or Skyjack 3 vehicles in a match.

Edit: Add Fusion Coils to the Rockets/Grenades Challenge


In general there needs to be a whole category of “assist” challenges (Assist, EMP, Distraction, Protector/Guardian Angel, Wheelman, Objective Driver, etc.)

for #3 I feel like a lot of the “do this many things in a single match” can be kind of frustrating, having seen them frequently in For Honor, which has a similar challenge system. I suppose if it’s a reasonable number it would be doable, but the one thing I like about infinite’s challenges is that there are no “do it all in 1 match” challenges.

For #14 I’d say more definitively, if they get around to adding performance or win based XP to the game, this challenge should be outright removed.

Edit: For #20 I think its an absolute must to count it for the challenge if you send said vehicle into a doomsday state but dont end up killing the vehicle before the driver bails. As it is, that does not count for vehicle destruction challenges.

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Agreed, Halo’s always had a problem with warthogs in particular, where most matches, people don’t want to drive cuz “no get kills”

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Yeah I got some:

-Mission accomplished: Win 5 Objective matches- 250 XP
-Asset acquired: Win 10 Objective Matches - 750 XP
-Intel Secured: Win 20 Objective Matches - 2000 XP

-Target Acquired: Win 5 Slayer matches - 250 XP
-Enemy Eliminated: Win 10 Slayer matches - 750 XP
-Objective Liquidated: Win 20 Slayer Matches - 2000 XP


That’s fair. I was just going off the fact that it’s simply “Kill players”, the one thing anybody should be able to do. But yes, being forced to do X number of things in one match is not good, it just depends on what it is I guess. Like “get x headshots in SWAT” is not an unreasonable thing to ask IMO.

Also Hogs have be doodoo since 4 because of weak armor and BR beaming them from every angle as well as tiny maps with no room to maneuver.

This could be a commendation honestly.

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Challenges just shouldn’t be complicated in general, people of different skill levels purchase the Battle Pass and they have the right from said purchase to have a reasonable chance of completing it without pulling their hair out trying to get extremely situational challenges completed such as getting a kill with while the enemy is [y].


yeah, of course, again, it depends if the thing the challenge wants is reasonable. For honor often asked you to get something like 700 renown in 1 match, which you had to play like a madman to actually pull off before they added the really long lasting mode post launch.

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Don’t know much about For Honor. How exactly was Renown earned? For instance, Infinite gives match points for kills, assist, objectives and simple things that adds up over the game. And if 700 is too hard to gain, then I think the number needs to be lowered to a more reasonable one. Going back to getting kills in pvp, I’d argue that getting 7 kills is fine. It’s not an amazing score and you may have still gone negative, but you still have to try to get 7 kills.

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renown was earned like points in halo, kills were, at standard, 10 renown, objectives were 1 renown/sec of standing in it, and you got bonuses for executions, killstreaks, etc. 700 in a single match was a big ask at first since a match lasted about as long as a typical arena game in halo. Then they added breach which was a multiphased objective mode like Rush in battlefield, and in that it was pretty easy to make at least 1000 per match but the point remains that, at FIRST, it was a huge hassle to finish that challenge when every match was so short, even against the easiest bots.

I can see the same issue in halo with “all in one match” challenges, you get 6 kills, for example, then you fall into a cold streak or teammates keep getting the kills instead and you’re left with assists and dont make the challenge. It might be more reasonable to ask for a certain score in 1 match (finally giving a purpose to the points that pop up on screen) but it would still need to be tuned to not be too much to ask.

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Yeah the match score was something that I was considering as well, and it leans into what everyone has been talking about by rewarding players for medals.

Earn X kills or assists
As a team, capture X flags.
As a team, hold the oddball for X seconds.
As a team, score X points in stronghold.

There, I just fixed challenges so they don’t turn into a frustrating mess. I also fixed the problem of people not contributing to the objective. I’ll accept my payment in Halobucks.


You get 1 free level of the BP. Take it or leave it.

theres still plenty of other problematic challenges, but yeah, changing a lot of the objective challenges to “as a team, complete X objective” will fix a lot of them.

I forgot to mention that 343 should trash all the other challenges they made.