Bragging rights roll call: Top Medal(s)

Hey Spartans here’s a thread to showoff your skills and achievements. What is your favorite/best medal you received?

Superfecta. IMO one of the best medals after perfection, extermination, killionare, and the very highest kill streaks.

Snipultaneous because ive gotten one and i dont ever see myself getting another again.

I have 2 Superfecta’s. But my favorite is the noob combo I have 109 and EMP assist I have 121. PP rocks.

I once got a first strike medal in Reach. I’m pretty sure that still qualifies as the best medal one can get…


I always get excited with Top Gun medals. :slight_smile:

Skills… Luck… Lag… whatever you want to call it but i was happy

Don’t know if they are the “Top Medals”, but I really like the announcer saying “FIRST STRIKE!” and “TOP GUN!”.

Second one makes me think about going to “Fly into the Danger Zone”…for all the Ol’ people out there…for the young’ens that’s a reference to the movie Top Gun with Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer.

Ok, now I’m getting depressed about how old I am…Thanks for the post! :wink:

I wish we could see individual first strike medals, I am sure I have several.

Mine was an Invincible medal. However on MCC I did get a unfrigginbelievable.

Favorite = Bulltrue :slight_smile: nothing better then smoking someone when there lunging at you with a sword. Rubs salt in the wound

My Combat Evoled medal is probably my favourite. Such a good feeling when it paid off.



Blind Side


Flag Assasination

Flag Champion

I am a medal hunter, eventually i will have them all!

Top Gun!

Blind Side too!

Flag Champion


Assists and perfect.

(I have) a few extinctions, overkills, but my favorite may be my rampage and running riots

Spray N’ Pray and Hail Mary